8 Real Life Scenarios Where Phones Are Our Saviours

Mobile phones these days offer everything that you could dream of. Be it providing information about everything you see, capturing every single memory or the cutting edge mind-blowing applications, ‘smart phones’ have it all. However, while what is inside the phone might be often helpful, having it in your hand is a real life saver. Sounds relatable doesn’t it? Well, staying on that note, here are a few situations where having a phone is equivalent to having a lifeline.

1. Ignoring the Intolerable People


How often has it been the case that you see people you just cannot stand and yet you cannot escape them. Well, an effective way to successfully evade them is by simple glancing at your phone and pretending like you are the busiest person in the world!

2. The Never-Ending Waiting for Someone


Be it a friend, a date or your parents, there always comes a time when you are stranded on the streets endlessly waiting for them. In that case, what do you do? Take out your phone and while away time ofcourse! From playing games, reading the news or scrolling through social media sites, there are infinite ways to pass your time on the phone.

3. Escaping a Horrible Date


Imagine that you go on a date hoping to meet the love of your life, but end up meeting the most messed up person you could imagine. Wouldn’t you want to leave immediately? Well, all you need to do is pick up your phone and pretend that it’s an emergency!

4. A Long Trip to the Bathroom


While visiting the bathroom is a necessity, sometimes it takes longer than you think to get out of it. In that case, make sure to carry your phone with you. You could chat with people, browse through Facebook or Instagram or simple exploit every interesting application on your phone.

5. Running Away from Awkward Situations


Very often, you bump into someone you know vaguely but do not know what to talk about after the initial greetings. Well, to avoid the awkward moments of silence, look down on your phone, think of an excuse and act like you are the most stressed-out person there is.

6. Getting Through the Family Functions


Family functions can get tedious very often and the joy of meeting relatives is over taken by the hours of endless drama. In that case, grab your phone and get yourself lost in the virtual world. Good riddance!

7. A Break from Dreaded Office Meetings


Office meetings are known to take a toll on people. The tiring sessions stretching for hours do call for a break in between. Wondering how? Well, as soon as you get any call (even if it is an automated call service disturbing you), pretend as though the world is coming to an end and rush out to pick it up.

8. Enduring the Pain of Boring Lectures


Lectures in college always appear to be the most boring thing on earth. Well, take out your phones and fight the boredom with grit and determination! Make sure to have great games and applications ready to help you get through the lectures easily.

Thus, it is clearer than ever that mobile phones are as much a necessity as an accessory. So load up on the games and apps because you never know when you might need to use them next.