8 Amazing Facts That You Did Not Know Before

As we promised we will provide you knowledge about every thing that we can. This time we are here with the 8 amazing facts that will make you think on each and every fact twice.

8 Amazing Facts –

1. Just heart of the blue whale weight more than 500 KG.


2. The normal person creates enough saliva to fill two swimming pools in his lifetime.


3. The 1st pyramid in Egypt was assembled when the Wooly Mammoths were alive.


4. The aggregate weight of the considerable number of ants on the earth is generally equivalent to the aggregate weight of people on the planet.


5. The world risky game is Banzai Skydiving. In this game, they toss parachute from plane first and than the individual.


6. The conceivable combination for the rubix solid shape is 43 billion billion (recall that is two time billion there).


7. More than 54431 Kilograms of sustenance is tossed in USA consistently. Almost 30% of USA nourishment supply winds up in dumpster.


8. Vending machines kill four times as many people as sharks. Even Hippos kill more people than sharks.