8 Absurd Laws From Around The World

Everywhere in the world, law and order is practiced to maintain discipline, peace and harmony. It is also the most efficient way of preventing malpractices. It is considered very important for these laws to exist. Punishing the wrongdoers who break this law is a norm almost every country has adapted to. However, there are a great many laws practiced in various countries from around the world which will leave you shocked. These rules are not only impractical, but very difficult to follow too! Do not believe me? Well, read on and see for yourself!

1. Switzerland


In Switzerland, it is a punishable offence to flush the toilet after 10 P.M.! Yes, as disgusting as it may seem, it is no joke at all! Anyone who is caught breaking this rule is subject to proper prosecution by court.

2. France


The country of love, as it is fondly known, France literally proves that love is eternal. In this country, it is legal to marry a dead person! Forget about what the person might gain from it, the thought in itself is completely disturbing, is it not?

3. Colorado


While collecting and harvesting rainwater everywhere is considered a great way of saving water wastage, it is legally banned in Colorado! This might simply be the most baseless law of all times!

4. Saudi Arabia


While the entire world opposes the marriage of kids at a young age, considering it to be scientifically impractical, Saudi Arabia seems to have other ideas. In this wealthy country, there is no minimum age of marriage. There is also a popular story along these guidelines that, in the year 2008, the court refused to grant divorce to a girl aged 8 years, who was married to a guy aged 58!

5. Australia


We all love to be experts wherever possible. While a task like changing a bulb might not seem too difficult to anyone, in Victoria, Australia, this can only be done by an actual and qualified electrician! So much for doing things yourself.

6. Venice


One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice attracts a large crowd every year. It also has a large number of pigeons residing there. Thus, to make sure they don’t become too cumbersome or wreak havoc, it is a crime to feed pigeons! Only if there was some sane reason for this.

7. Florida


Well, how could you leave behind one of the most happening place in the world. It boasts of simply the most bizarre fact that one could imagine. It is illegal to pass wind in a public place on Thursdays after 6 P.M.! Anyone caught doing so has to pay a hefty fine and spend some time in jail. Yikes!

There you have it. While taking a vacation to any of these places seems a great idea to one and all, you should keep these laws in mind at all times! Else, be ready to pay the price for being..um..normal!