7 Weird and Unknown Medical Conditions

Mankind has always been known to witness weird and bizarre situations throughout time. Hence, it is no surprise that same is the case with medical conditions. While suffering from any kind of absurd medical condition is bad in itself, there are a few types which take it to a whole new level. Even though most of them are a resultant of a messed up brain functioning, they still exist. Here is a list of the 7 most weird and unknown conditions from all over the world. Get ready to be amazed!

1. Autophagia


It is possibly one of the most disgusting medical conditions. A person suffering from Autophagia causes pain to himself by chewing, biting and removing parts of his body. The worst part is that he has no control or resistance over it!

2. Walking Corpse Syndrome


As bizarre as its name, this disease causes a person to feel as though some or all of their body parts do not exist! They literally have the misconception of being immortal. It sounds funny, but it is true.

3. Alien Hand Syndrome


Imagine having no control over your own hand! Well, that is what a person with Alien Hand syndrome feels. This happens because of changes in the part of the brain controlling voluntary actions. The person ends up performing weird actions with their hand like even slapping or hitting themselves!

4. Clinical Lycanthropy


Clinical Lycanthropy victims end up assuming themselves as transformed non human animals! It is a psychic syndrome, in which people mostly end up feeling like wolves or similar creatures.

5. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome


It is a neurological condition suffered mostly by migraine victims. For them, things appear out of proportion and their own body feels de-shaped. They also have a varying sense of time and touch. Looks like a real out of the fairytales condition, doesn’t it?

6. Stendhal Syndrome


In Stendhal syndrome, the person suffering from it undergoes dizziness, increased heartbeat, confusion and hallucinations on encountering a situation of personal importance. This is most commonly observed while viewing different types of art!

7. Synesthesia


It is a medical condition in which more than one senses combine with each other. As a result, the affected individual correlates emotions, numbers, letters and days with taste and color. This truly is a rare condition!

Mind blowing, isn’t it? Well, the world will never cease to amaze you. With an unimaginable population on earth, who knows what other unknown mysteries are yet to be exposed!