The Guinness Worlds Records is an accumulation of a definitive and most whimsical record-breaking truths and accomplishments. From shocking tricks to strange occasions, each uncommon actuality has thought that it was’ way into the Guinness World Records.

How India could fall behind in entering their name in Guinness World Records? We Indians are second to none in every field in the flow situation, be it innovation, games, or examination. The same goes for holding a Guinness World Record. India has ardently put itself in the book of records by including exceptional and well known Guinness World records by Indians.

We Indians are fundamentally particular from numerous points of view, however the uniqueness of these 7 Indians will amaze you. We have a rundown of 7 most remarkable and popular Guinness World Records gladly held by Indians. It is exciting to see that these persons can be so enthusiastic about the minor things, which we generally have a tendency to overlook. It is really their energy that drives them to achievement and makes them more well known World record holders. So check beneath some prominent and celebrated Guinness World records by Indians.


  1. World’s longest Mustache



Ram Singh Chauhan, a pleased Indian from Rajasthan, holds a Guinness World Record for the longest mustache on the planet. The 58-year-old has 4.30 meters (14 foot) long mustache and therefore holds an undeniable position in the acclaimed Guinness World Records by Indians.


Ram says that he had quit shaving his mustache in 1970, subsequent to being enlivened by a kindred mustache aficionado from Rajasthan. As per him, one of the key to great facial hair development is beginning early. “As you develop old your hormones develop powerless, so the pace of hair development backs off”, he clarifies.


While reviewing a few occurrences in the early years, Chauhan and his wife Asha used to battle about his strangely long facial hair, in light of the fact that he used to take quite a while to wash and husband to be it and individuals gazed at them each time they went out. Yet, when he began getting acknowledgment for his endeavors, she started to regard his dedication. Ram Singh has likewise headed out far and wide to hotshot his astonishing bristles.


At the point when the mustache were shorter, Ram Singh used to move them on his ears, yet nowadays it is really extreme strolling around with more than 4 meters of hair swinging from your face, in this way he gets them moved on his neck. However, he knows there is no increase without agony and he wouldn’t long for disposing of them. It is the thing that makes him exceptional and that makes everything justified, despite all the trouble.

He additionally includes that he needs an Indian to break his record. “Records are intended to be broken. In the event that at all my record for longest mustache is broken, I would need an Indian to break it,” he comments.


  1. World’s Longest Turban



A faithful Sikh Avtar Singh Mauni from Punjab area is another Guinness World Record holder from India. Being the proprietor of the world’s longest turban, Avtar Singh is completely pleased with his accomplishment.

The turban amazingly measures 100lb and is 645m long that took 16 years to amass and is presently situated to crush the current Guinness World Record of 400m.

Avtar Singh Mauni, a 60-year-old man, conveys 100lb on his head consistently and he needs amazing six hours to wear his pride and happiness. “When I have quality in my appendages I will convey this turban on my head and I don’t consider it to be a weight. I am most upbeat when I wear it,” said Avtar.

In the complete clothing, Avtar additionally conveys a sword and substantial bangles, which measures an extra 87lb. The stature and width of his headgear makes entering entryways a bad dream and getting into an auto is incomprehensible, accordingly Avtar rides a bike on his standard journeys crosswise over Punjab.


  1. World’s Biggest Chapati



Chapati otherwise known as “Roti” is a typical thing we eat day by day amid our suppers. Yet, being an Indian, we generally think distinctive and substantiate ourselves in an alternate manner. Could anybody even consider making a world record in moving a colossal/world’s biggest Chapati?

All things considered, Shree Jalaram Mandir Jirnodhar Samitee Organization at the Jalaram Temple, Jamnagar, India, has made an astonishing record of moving the world’s biggest Chapati. The Chapati measured 63.99 kg and was made on 15th January 2005.


  1. World’s Most Expensive Wedding



Undoubtedly India’s wealthiest man would toss a luxurious, excessive wedding for his little girl. Any estimates? Indeed, the record-holder for the world’s most costly wedding to date is the ceremony of Vanisha Mittal (girl of extremely rich person Lakshmi Mittal) and venture financier Amit Bhatia.

The great wedding of Steel Tycoon’s little girl occurred in Versailles, France in 2004. The intricate, incredible wedding has been respected by Forbes’ Magazine as a standout amongst the most lavish weddings and is as of now positioned in the Guinness World Records for the most costly wedding ever recorded, with $78 million spent.

The wedding festivals went for five days, and included indulgences, for example, welcomes conveyed in a 20 page silver book, 100 mixed bags of dishes arranged by a top Calcutta gourmet expert, a wine tab of $1.5 million and around 1,000 visitors available to witness the world’s most lavish wedding function ever. The visitors were entertained in complete Bollywood style by whiz Shah Rukh Khan.


  1. Most Distance Covered through Limbo Skating under autos



World’s most remote separation secured through limbo skating under the autos is possessed by Shreeya Rakesh Deshpande. It was the snippet of happiness and bliss for the family and companions of 5 year old child from VIBGYOR high, when the Guinness World Records proclaimed that the young lady had set another world record in Limbo Skating.

The occasion sorted out at the Shahu Janmabhoomi in Kolhapur on May 31, 2012, saw Shreeya limbo skating under 27 vehicles and making another world record for covering 48.1 meters in negligible 23 seconds. She additionally got the accomplishment for the most remote separation in Limbo Skating. This Kolhapur young lady is really a miracle!


  1. World’s longest Dosa



The Ahmedabad based Sankalp Group, which twice entered Guinness Book of World Records by making 25 and 32 feet long Dosa in 1997 and 2006 separately, has broken their own record by making a 53 feet long dosa on October 2013.

The 53 feet long dosa was arranged by a group of 32 culinary specialists who utilized 80 kg of dosa hitter, 30 kg of unadulterated ghee and 300 kg of cooking gas. It took only 10 minutes to get this firm, south Indian dish prepared.

The group has taken great endeavors in getting their name enlisted in well known Guinness World records by Indians.

I know a considerable lot of you would be passing on to observe this astonishing dosa and if given a chance, I’m certain no one might want to hold up to swallow it down their throat.


  1. World’s Longest Marathon Dance


It is seen that energy can take you to more prominent statures. An Indian traditional dance expert Kalamandalam Hemaletha is such an aficionado and an entranced dance artist who has entered the prestigious Guinness World Records when she moved for ceaseless 123 hours and 15 minutes in September 2010.

She was 37 years of age and a mother of two when she moved from 20-26 September in 2010 in Thrissur, Kerala at the Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy. She entered her name in the rundown of acclaimed Guinness World Records by Indians and demonstrated that nothing can stop an Indian in accomplishing an awesome stature.