7 Things About Indian Cricket That Every Fan Should Know

It is a well established fact that cricket is nothing short of a religion in India. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, India has been the birthplace of many such ‘Gods’ of cricket with the biggest one being Sachin Tendulkar. While the names of Indian players are known to every single Indian, there are a great many facts that should not remain unnoticed. So, while the Cricket World Cup fever is still on, take a look at some amazing facts about Indian Cricket listed below.

1. Ravi Shastri – 6 Sixes in an Over


It was the year of 1984-85, when a Ranji Trophy match between Bombay and Baroda was in full swing. Tilak Raj came on to bowl to Ravi Shastri. Little did he know that this was going to be the worst day in his life. Shastri smashed him for 6 consecutive sixes, becoming only the second player to do so.

2. R. G. Nadkarni – 21 Maiden Overs in a Row


In the year of 1964, India played England in Madras. Nadkarni achieved the marvelous feat of bowling 21 maiden overs in a row. His final figures were an astounding 32 overs – 27 maidens – 5 runs – 0 wickets.

3. Anil Kumble – 10 Wickets in an Innings


Every Indian cricket fan has to know this one! Playing against Pakistan is always an adrenaline filled competition for India. During a test match in 1999, during another such encounter, Anil Kumble took the matters in his own hands and dismissed the entire Pakistan team single handedly! He become the second player in the world to do so.

4. Lala Amarnath – The First Centurion


Lala Amarnath, one of the greatest propagators of Indian cricket, was the first person to score a century in test cricket for India. A marvelous achievement, right?

5. Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi – A Player for Two Countries


The Nawab of Pataudi Senior, as he is fondly known, holds a rather bizarre record of being the only player to play both for India and England!

6. Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi – Youngest Test Captain


At the age of 21, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi of India, became the youngest captain of a Test cricket playing nation. He was only surpassed by atenda Taibu of Zimbabwe in 2004. Pataudi is also known for playing with a glass eye for a large part of his career

7. Sachin Tendulkar – A Lesser Known International Debut


The world knows about the Little Master’s international debut against Pakistan. However, what most people do not know is that Sachin took the field for Pakistan before India. Yes! He came on as a substitute fielder during a festive match in Brabourne Stadium!

Shocked? Well I am sure that many of these facts must have bowled you out! Cricket and India are inseparable when it comes to records and history. Let us hope to continue witnessing such remarkable achievements and remain ever so proud of our amazing cricketing history for ages to come.