7 Smart Ways To Catch a Liar

At some point or the other in our lives, we come across liars. Most often, it doesn’t affect us much, but sometimes it can make your life miserable. It is quite difficult to understand when a person in lying. However, if you have sharp observation skills, the task is easier than it appears to be. Yes, it is true that a liar can be caught by looking at his movements and other characteristics! Don’t believe me? Well read on and have a look at these crazy factual ways of catching a liar.

1. The Give Away Shoulder Shrug


When you are talking to someone and are suspicious if they are speaking the truth or not, take a glance at their shoulders. A single shoulder shrug indicates that the person is lying in all probabilities and cannot be trusted!

2. Change in Voice        

liar2A sudden change in the pitch or pace of the voice of a person is a big indicator that someone might be lying! That is why it is said that you should listen closely to a person when he/she speaks.

3. The Hug of Inspection


It is widely known that the heart begins beating more rapidly when a person is lying. This is because it senses something is wrong and begins to panic. Thus, for your own confirmation, simply hug the person and feel their heartbeat. You’ll have your answer!

4. The Eye Games


Oh well, this one is another classic! When a liar is at his best, his eyes always tend to deceive him. Yes, if the person is blinking lesser than usual or is staring at you or things around you longer, its time to call the bluff!

5. The Involuntary Hand Movements


The body does not agree with liars. It has various ways to show that they are wrong and should be caught. Another such way is through hand movements! A liar has a strong penchant for touching his nose or mouth involuntarily while speaking!

6. The Overuse of  ‘He said so’


If a conversation with someone involves too many direct repetitions of someone’s words, it is just a tactical ploy by the person to lie and convince at the same time!

7. Curse of Pinocchio


You might have heard about the fairytale lying character of Pinocchio. Well, along those lines comes the Pinocchio effect. In this phenomenon, a person’s nose turns warm. It is one of the most clear cut indications that a person is lying!

There you go fellas! Now you know how to catch the liar among the people you know. If you think this is a hoax, you couldn’t be more wrong. It is completely true with proven results. You feel I am ‘lying’? Well, try for yourself and see the results. Do remember to thank me later.