7 Signs That You Are  A Texting Addict

These days, texting has become almost as much an involuntary habit as breathing. While some people do it more than others, there is no one, not even our grandparents who hasn’t indulged in it. Conveying things in an instance is the order of the day. Hence, it is no surprise that online messaging apps have become the most popular ones with people. So, if you too are one of the texting addicts, you will easily relate to the following points.

1. A Best Friend Called Phone


Your mobile phone is literally you best friend, as you spend your whole day on it. Even the fact that you might be hanging around with actual people does not change this fact.

2. You Are an Emoji Expert


Emojis are a great way of expressing one’s emotions while texting. So, if you happen to be a texting addict, it is but understood that you would know about every single emoji there is , and how and where it is to be used. Such will be your talent, that you might even end up making stories from it.

3. Texting Over Calling Any Day


One clear sign that you are addicted to texting is the fact that you prefer talking to people over texting rather than giving a call. Such is the case that you even end up feeling uncomfortable or weird while on call, with the same person whom you openly text with.

4. You Are an Instant Replier


Instant replying to received messages becomes one of your characteristic traits. This is because you have your phone right in your hands and can’t live without texting.

5. The Misery of No Internet Connection/ No Network


The biggest dilemma for you is when your network refuses to connect to the internet, or that ever reliable Wi-Fi network stops working. It even ends up driving you insane a lot of times.

6. Godspeed Typing


If one of your greatest skills is super fast typing, then you are clearly a texting freak. Seeing a fast typing person leaves others in awe and only wonder how much practice is needed for it!

7. All Messaging Apps Installed



Since mobile developers know how much people love texting these days, new and interactive apps for this very purpose keep popping up every single day. If you happen to be a real ‘texter’, you’re bound to have every such app on your mobile phone!

Thus, there you have it. I am sure that every person who is really into texting will easily relate to this. Whether it is good or bad to text all the time, is a never ending debate. What is well known is that there is no better way to communicate for sure. So, go on, bring out the texting addict in you with pride!