7 Senseless Questions That You Have To Face Everyday

A great virtue of the human population is to always become smarter than others. While some people tend to do wonders with their brains others make it a point to show it off everywhere they go. However, sometimes many of them tend to overdo it. Imagine this, how often have you come across someone asking you a question with a pre determined obvious answer? It happens almost everyday, doesn’t it? While many of these questions (that aren’t really questions) are just an expression, or reaction they still happen to get on your nerves. So, from a never ending list of such questions, below is a list of the most commonly asked useless questions.

1.  When You Enter a Place or Get Back Home


Whenever you reach a place like school, college or home and meet the people there, you are greeted with the question, ‘Oh, you came?‘ It annoys the hell out of you, doesn’t it?

2. At The Movies, Market or Malls


You bump into a friend at these places and then they ask the most genius question, ‘Hey, what are you doing here?‘ Well, you must have tons of comebacks that you have to keep inside to avoid an awkward situation.

3. While You’re Asleep


How often is the case that when you’re sleeping and your phone rings at 3 in the night. To make it worse, people ask the question ‘Were you sleeping?‘ You feel like telling them, ‘ No, I was dancing.’ Isn’t it?

4. When You Order Stuff Online


As soon as the delivery guy comes to give you your package, people swarm you and ask the lamest of question – ‘Did you order it online?‘ Hello, can’t you see?

5. When You Are Going for an Outing


You leave the house for a nice pleasant outing, when your neighbour sees you and asks, ‘Oh, are you going somewhere?‘ How irritating!

6. People See that You’re Studying


You are silently studying in your room, when your relative visits you all of a sudden and asks ‘Were you studying?

7. Visiting the Temple


Imagine you are seeking God’s blessings at a temple, and someone you know sees you, comes up to you and asks, ‘Oh, you believe in God?‘ Well, there goes all the peace and serenity, doesn’t it?

This is something you face everything, yet can do nothing about. Well, unless it crosses your threshold limit, all you can do is pretend its normal and admire people’s stupidity!