7 Reasons Why It is Necessary To Say No To Things Occasionally

We all love to help our friends, families and others in need. But there is only so much that we can do to help. We are human after all, aren’t we? Well, you might be the one jumping to help people or do favors for them whenever asked. My friend, you need to know that sometimes, saying ‘NO’ is okay and the right thing to do too! Wondering how? Well read on and see for yourself.

1.Saves You From Awkward Situations


This sounds completely relatable, does it not? Saying no at the right time can save you from many weird occasions, where you are scared, insecure and wary of facing disappointment.

2. It is a Real Time and Energy Saver


When you say no to the things you feel you cannot do or want to do, it is often very beneficial. It saves you hours and hours of skeptical working and enables you to preserve your precious energy too! Isn’t that the perfect combination?

3. Prevents You From Facing Embarrassment


Facing embarrassment is one of the worst fears that one has to endure. Thus, when you politely say ‘NO’ to something that you are not confident about, you save yourself from being targeted big time!

4. You Aren’t Taken Advantage Of


When people see you directly rejecting and refusing to do things not fit for you, they will give you more respect and realize that you are not someone who is going to do only what others tell him to!

5. It is a Big Confidence Booster Sometimes


This might sound weird, but saying no is a real confidence booster! How, you might ask? Well, once you realise for yourself that you can say no to something, you will feel as though you are more in control of your life and situations! It surely is a great thing to have in your arsenal.

6. Increases the Value of Your Acceptance


As bad as you might feel for saying no to people time and again, it does you more good than harm. One of such good consequences is that the value of your ‘YES’ goes from zero to infinity in a jiffy. Trust me, that is an amazing feeling to have!

7. Saves You From Succumbing to Pressure


Not giving in to someone’s request involuntarily saves you from being stressed to death. Imagine having to toil for endless hours with unguaranteed successful results. It would damage you, break you and make you feel horrible about yourself nevertheless.

So, it is almost as simple as it seems. Say a clear ‘NO’ to any and everything that you are unsure about and things will automatically take a turn for the better. However, do remember to not go overboard as you can’t afford to be in the bad books, right?