7 Reasons Why I Hate Going to the Dentist

One of the most dreaded places to go to is a dentist’s clinic. No, the dentist isn’t a monster, it is because of the overall experience that one has to endure. The weird instruments combined with the thought of keeping your mouth open for hours is something nobody likes at all. Thus, it is no surprise that people hate visiting the dentists unless necessary. Why do they so? Well, read on and see the reasons for yourself!

1. The Scary Instruments on Display


After taking courageous steps into the clinic, the first thing you encounter are deadly alien-like weapons of mass destruction. Seeing the dentist’s instruments is frightening to another level, let alone having them used at you!

2. That Characteristic Disgusting Smell


The typical smell from a dentist’s clinic makes you want to puke so bad, doesn’t it? The worst thing is you have no idea where it is coming from, and it doesn’t stop irritating you!

3. The Dreaded Drilling Machine


The first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking of the clinic is the drilling machine. So, when you actually face it, it sends a shiver down your spine. Add to that the irritating sound it makes, and you have a death machine ready!

4. More Pain to Remove Your Pain


You go to the dentist to remove the pain you are witnessing, like cavities in your teeth. However, you fail to see the point of having it cured after sitting through a session of added pain of the needle-edged device.

5. People Staring at Your Mouth


While it might be a dentist’s job to look inside your mouth, it never ceases to annoy you why all his/her assistants and interns need to see the inside of your mouth too! Wasn’t one enough?

6. Nothing is for Free


In the end, once your work is done and the sense of relief is creeping in, there comes the ghost of realization. The dentist’s fees, of course! With you having to shell out exorbitant amounts of cash for his hard work, you really end up cursing your teeth!

7. Tears Any Which Way


Once you walk of the clinic, you can’t help but let out tears. Whether they are because of the pain you endured or the joy of escaping alive, this is an involuntary action. It’s alright, you have been a brave warrior after all!

Thus, as you can see, going to the dentist is like facing a war of sorts. It requires great courage, determination and patience. You might hate it a lot, but in the end it is all but necessary to have those perfect envious teeth, isn’t it?