7 People With The Largest Body parts On Earth

7 People With The Largest Body parts On Earth

The human body is an amazing thing, and some bodies have set mind-boggling world records! These big, long and wide body parts are impressive and wonderfully weird. While some consciously grew their hair to reach these records, other parts grew naturally from birth.

1. The Largest Hands Ever

Robert Wadlow, who made the Guinness World Record as the tallest man ever, also happened to have the largest hands. From his wrist to the top of his middle finger, his hands measured 12.75 inches, meaning he wore a size 25 ring.

2. The Biggest Afro

12 years is the time it took for Aevin Douglas to break the Guinness World Record and grow the world’s biggest natural Afro, with a circumference measuring a whopping 4 feet 4 inches. She certainly deserved that crown, Aevin said that the best thing anout her hair is that it provides the perfect pillow and that she sleeps very well.

3. The Largest Natural Breasts

Wowzers, Annie Hawkins-Turner currently holds the record for the world’s largest natural breasts. With an under breast measurement of 43 inches and an over-the-nipple measurement of 70 inches. That’s one record that’s going to be hard to break! She wears a US size 52L bra, which is obviously the largest made.

4. The Longest Ever Moustache

Measuring in at 14 feet, that is one Long Moustache! It belongs to an Indian man named Ram Singh Chauhan and was measured on the Italian Television show “LO SHOW DEI RECRD” which highlights the most famous world record holders.

5. The World’s Widest Tongue

Byron Schlenker beat his own record for the World’s Widest Tongue. Previously with a tongue width measuring 8.3 cm it got even wider, reaching 8.57 cm in 2014.

6. The Longest Nose On A Living Person

Imagine having a cold if your nose was 8.8 cm long from the bridge to the tip. The longest nose on a living person belongs to Turkish man Mehmet Ozyurek. He must really have a great sense of smell, which depending on the smell, could be a good or really bad thing.

7. The Longest Finger Nails Ever

The longest fingernails on this planet were grown by a man named Melvin Boothe. His combined nail length was 9.85 meters, which is really quite Astonishing. Unfortunately Melvin passed away in December 2009, but his record is still holding strong.