7 Movies you are lucky to have missed!!!

Yes, we Indians are constantly up for a movie. Some are SRK fans, some are Salman, and some Aamir.

Anyway one thing we all concur on is that nobody preferences viewing a sub-standard movie. Furthermore trust me there are huge numbers of them!

Here are 7 of these precious “gems” that have releasedd in the later past.

1. Deshdrohi


This Gems list with Sir KRK? Oscar worthy acting and Cannes award worthy direction! Disclaimer: Watching this might make you feel suicidal. Watch at your own risk!

2. Humshakals


3 actors with triple roles? Sajid Khan take a bow! Sirf aap hi aisa kamaal kar sakte ho! A little part inside of me died while watching this movie.

3. Joker


A true masterpiece. Aisi picture banane ke liye bhi talent chahiye hota hai boss! With comic expert Akshay Kumar in the movie, this movie was a disaster from start to finish.

4. Himmatwala


Sajid Khan strikes again! Himmatwala was scary. No it wasn’t a horror movie, it was just that bad. Ajay Devgan suffered the most from this venture, his hit movie streak came to an end with this one.

5. Tees Maar Khan


There was nothing watchable in the movie. Maybe except “Sheila ki Jawaani”. Nah. That also got boring after a minute. If you haven’t watched this colossal waste of time, I envy you. You are a lucky, lucky man.

6. Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag


Varma ji kya banaaya aapne? Ye kya tha?!!
Bachchan sir was also in this movie. I have no idea why. This movie got more publicity post release than it did before its release. Because it was that bad.

7. Dhoom 3


Bike Jet ski ban jaata hai. Phir vapas bike ban jaata hai! Aamir went for an out and out commercial movie, and well he raked in the moolah. But the film was poor. Heavily ‘inspired’ from ‘The Prestige’, being a huge Dhoom franchise fan, this one angered me.