6 Most Deadly Adventures Around The World

Most Deadly Adventures Around The World –

Thrill and excitement have been a part of the human population. Some time or the other, we always come across the most absurd stories in which people nearly or actually died just for the sake of an adrenaline rush! Still, for all the daredevils out there, in the recent past, a lot of dangerous yet fun activities have come to the fore. While most of them are safe, they still require tons of guts to be done. On that note, here are the most deadliest of them.

1. Shark Diving, Cape Town


The thought of sharks is often enough to send shudders down anybody’s spine. Imagine coming face to face with your fear? Well, in Cape Town, this is very much possible. The daring people are in a cage which is taken into the depths of the ocean, and they end up being surrounded by sharks on all sides!

2. Walking on the Edge, Toronto


Living life on the edge is a motto practiced by many people. However, in Toronto it has been taken a little too seriously. Upon one of the taller buildings, people are harnessed and allowed to walk on the edge of the building. If they slip, all they can do is dangle in thin air! Definitely not for the ones scared of heights, right?

3. A Life Threatening Hike, China


Hiking is a passionate activity practiced by many people as it gives a great thrill and adrenaline rush. While Mt. Everest remains the most difficult hike, the crown of being the most dangerous is taken by Mt. Huashan in China. People can rapple around it with just a tiny belt on their waist!

4. A Swim with the Crocodiles, Australia


Crocodiles are considered one of the most deadliest monsters in modern times. Well, it seems that in Darwin, Australia people seem to disagree. In this Crocodile Cove, adventurous people are left in a “Cage of Death” for 15 minutes, face to face with a huge 19 feet crocodile.

5. Riding a Lion, Buenos Aires


Ever imagined riding the King of the Jungle? Yes, you read that question right! In Argentina, interaction with the wildlife is taken to the next level, at no responsibility for consequences of course. People can ride lions, play with cheetahs and touch huge bears, all at their own risk.

6. Volcano Bungee Jumping, Chile


Bungee Jumping is one of the safest yet most exciting adventure sport. In Chile, things are taken to a whole new level. This one is not for the faint hearted. People risk their lives by bungee jumping into a volcano! That surely brings alive the famous saying of ‘playing with fire’.

Well, there you have it! I am sure that your heart must be pounding simply after reading all of this. Imagine how it might feel, when you are actually doing even one of these! So, would you take this sort of risk and enjoy these deadly adventures?