6 Interesting Facts About Paris That You Don’t Know.

6 Interesting Facts About Paris

There are many cities worldwide known for their valuable assets Paris is one of them. Paris is called as city of love due to it is hometown of many famous artists. That is a reason it is called as city of art even city of food. So let us explore about some more facts about this beautiful city over here.

1. Disdain from Eiffel Tower


People worldwide comes to see Eiffel Tower but famous poet Guy Maupassant hates it that’s why he takes lunch under this beautiful tower because this is the place from where it doesn’t look while having food.

 2. Le Chabanais Brothel


There was a brothel named le Chehabisme where King Edward seventh often used to visit. The king used to took bath in the bath tub filled up of champagne with prostitutes. This bath tub was sold to Salvador Dali in 1951.

 3. Dead body found after 11 years


Store keeper of a hospital in Catacombs was lost in 1793 when he went in searching of liquor. His dead body was found after 11 years.

 4. Closed apartment for a long time of 70 years


An apartment in Paris has been given on rent for a long time of 70 years, but strange thing in this is that nobody lives here in this apartment. But still the rent is paid on time for this apartment, and nobody knows the person who is paying the rent for such building. When the tenant died of this apartment precious drawing of worth 2 million euro was found here.

 5. Used to cut the cable


Hitler was not so liked in Paris. That’s why whenever he used to visit Paris local people used to cut the cable of Eiffel Tower so Hitler could not climb up the tower. Hitler that’s why could not climb up such tall structure that has 1500 stairs.

 6. Order of ruining Paris


In 1944 Hitler ordered to ruin Paris but the controller of Paris denies implementing that order.