6 Indian Ideologies That Need To Be Abolished

6 Indian Ideologies That Need To Be Abolished

India is a country that is moving pretty fast in terms of advancements in various sectors. However, even if it manages to attain the desired goals, all of them will be rendered useless if the people do not change their ideologies. Yes, the reluctance to change opinion and thinking is very much the reason for the slow progress of the nation. While we are on that topic, here is a list of Indian Ideologies that absolutely need to change.

1. Marriage is a Game of Money


By far one of the worst Indian mentality is that regarding marriages. If the idea of sever opposition to love marriages was not enough, money matters sure steal the show. Despite the changing times, most of the marriages in India are done on the basis of what the guy is earning or how much the family of the girl can offer as dowry. It is high time that people based it on love and feelings instead.

2. It’s All about the Religion and Caste


This is one of those issues of India that no one can predict an end to. People are so quick to judge others in situations based on their caste and religion. Any kind of progress is impossible until this issue is overcome. Don’t people know that it is about an individual and not from which religion or caste he belongs?

3. Guy and Girl Walking Together? It’s an Affair!


“Look at them, they are walking so close to each other. They must be having an affair!”Oh well, it is almost impossible to talk to the opposite sex in India without a few doubts being raised about the kind of relationship you share. Adopting the idea of a guy and girl being just friends, siblings or cousins seems to be impossible in India.

4. Workers Aren’t One of Us


People in India have a very disturbing ideology regarding workers and people doing stuff like cleaning homes and toilets, washing clothes or guarding your house at night. Despite being treated with great inferiority, it is truly astounding how these hard workers continue to go about their job peacefully. Shouldn’t they be treated equally too?

5. Dreams Should Remain Dreams


Regardless of what one aspires to be, he or she has to do as told. If one dreams about being a writer, a sportsman or even an actor, it is but understood that it will remain a dream. While many are successful in breaking the stereotype, it needs to be achieved on a larger scale.

6. Every Matter is a Personal Matter


Be it the neighbour, the maid, friends or just acquaintances, Indian people have the habit of intruding the life of others without permission. From problems to life decisions, people are always ready with their bowl of life advice. Where is the freedom and individuality?

Well, sounds relatable doesn’t it? Sadly, it is the truth and all of us are victims. At least we should change our mentality and encourage others to do so too. Remember, the faster we change our thinking, the quicker we move towards a brighter future.