6 Crazy Medical Practices That Will Blow Your Mind

Medically treating inured, damaged or suffering humans is believed to have origins since the beginning of mankind. Through the advent of technology, this field has undergone an unfathomable revolution. Nowadays, a damaged heart can be replaced with a new one and even limbs can be robotic in nature! However, much more crazier than this are some bizarre invented methods to heal medical conditions that will make you question all you know. On that note, here are the most absurd yet actual medical practices in the world.

1. A Fish for Asthma


Asthma is a very common yet difficult to cure disease. This breathing problem can be controlled by a pump. However, the Bathini Gould family in India, believes to have got hold of a magical herb from an ancestral saint which can cure Asthma. What is interesting is how it is administered to the patients. The herb is put in the mouth of a small fish (sardine usually) and the patient has to swallow it in one go! How bizarre is this!

2. The Magical Snake Massage


Snakes are creepy creatures and worse than a nightmare for some. However, in Bali, the relationship of snakes and humans is taken to the next level. In a spa, pythons are released on the body. Why you wonder? Well, their weird skin induces an unparalleled sensation and it combines with the extra adrenaline released due to fear. This creates a situation where the metabolism of the body is increased, stress is relieved and pains are healed.

3. The Not So Pleasing Leech Therapy


In this popular method, leeches are used to improve the blood flow and take care of cardiovascular diseases  and other problems with the circulatory system. They are released on the body and in turn they secrete certain proteins that prevent blood from clotting. As disgusting as it may sound, it is pretty effective!

4. An Effective Electroshock


Electroshock technique is used as a cure for depression! Yes, this is true. Another shocking fact is that this controversial method has been around for quite some time.. Another use of this is for the treatment of maniacs of certain kinds.

5. Doctor Fish to the Rescue


Are you suffering from psoriasis? Well, worry not, Dr. Fish is here! Garra rufa, a special type of fish, is found in Turkey predominantly. However, now a days it is commonly used in skin spa clinics. While this treatment doesn’t cure Psoriasis completely, it removes the symptoms and can be used as a preventive method.

6. The Gross Fecal Bacteriotherapy


As gross as it sounds, this is another craqzy medical practice. In Fecal Bacteriotherapy, bacteria present in feces are transferred from one person to other through stools of course! Yuck! It is known as Fecal Microbial Transplant (FMT). This is done to prevent a person suffering from improper bowel condition, suffer the consequences repeatedly.

Alas! It is no surprise that you might be turning your heads away in horror and disgust with these techniques. However, when all else fails, it is these methods that are the only saviors!