World Records are made to be broken one day. All the more regularly, these get broken as well. In any case, on occasion individuals do ascend over the standard and end up making records that can really be considered as astounding world records. Some of these world records wind up being so unique and exceptional to be called as astounding world records.

The following are recorded some of these stunning world records that are prone to abandon you hypnotized and speculating for more.

1. World’s Largest Shoe –


This one is liable to amaze you a ton. The biggest shoe on the planet can be found in China. Infact, the shoe is large to the point that up to 30 individuals can fit in this shoe. This shoe measures 6.40M x 2.39M and is 1.65M in stature.

This shoe has been made by Electric Sekki and can be found in Hong Kong. The shoe was outlined and put on open show on 12th April, 2013.

2. World’s Longest Finger Nails –


Lee Redmond from USA holds the record for longest finger nails on the planet. Indeed, you will be astounded to realize that Lee has not cut his nails following 1979. Amazingly, the length of his nails has come to 7 meters & 51.3 centimeters.

3. Man with Most Tattoos in the World –


Lucky Diamond, from Australia can without a doubt be considered as the individual who has the most tattoos on his body. Truth be told, Lucky has spent thousands of hours getting the fanciest tattoo being painted on his body.

He started by recovering his tattooed however later got the tattoos recorded over this whole body. Not to leave any piece of the body, Lucky guaranteed that he had tattoos on his eyelids, sensitive skin between the toes, ears and gums too.

4. Eyeball Poppers –


In the matter of popping the eyeballs the most remote, none can beat Kim Godman from United States. The woman popped out her eyeballs to a separation of 12 mm or can be said 0.47 inches past the length of her eye socket.

The record is unbroken since the last time it was made in Istanbul, Turkey on 2nd November, 2007. Kim is thought to be the authority uttermost eyeball popper.

5. Heaviest Weight Lifted –


In the event that you thought weightlifting is something that obliges muscle quality just, you are maybe mixed up. Numerous world records exist where weight lifting was done utilizing diverse body parts, including tongue.

Thomas Blackthorne of U.K holds the record for lifting heaviest weight utilizing tongue. He lifted 12.50 kg with his tongue. Manjit Singh from U.K felt free to lifted 14 kg with the assistance of his eye socket. Yang Guang from China lifted 23.5kg with both his eye socketss.

Rakesh Kumar from India holds the world record for lifting the most extreme weight with his one ear (80.78 kg).