5 meter Mega mouth Shark Caught by Philippines Fishermen

A rare sight, Mega Mouth Shark was caught by the fishermen of Philippines. Not knowing that the net they have thrown in the sea will fetch them such a beautiful mammal, which is already rare in the world.


It is already known that Mega Mouth sharks are just 63 in number and are considered as the rarest of animals seen. Indeed, since 1976, this is the second time that such mammal has come to the sight of people.


An attractive thing about such kind of shark is that it has a wide mouth; but does not have any teeth in them. Known as toothless mammal, it is meant to swallow smaller fishes as food.


The Mega Mouth caught by the fishermen of Philippines was around 5 meter in length on the sea shores of Barenge Marigondone. Such sharks have managed to live a life longer than 100 years. In fact, the coastal region lied between the towns of Albeit and Masbate.


Though the shark was caught dead; but, its sight was quite fascinating for the people, who had never seen such a unique mammal. On being caught in this condition, it is quite possible that the shark might be kept in display at the Wildlife Center of Albeit Park.