5 Celebrities who Are Famous for Nothing

5 Celebrities who Are Famous for Nothing –


5. Amanda Bynes –


You were an entertaining child who won different children hearts on “All That” and “The Amanda Show” when you were simply a pup. Presently you’re older…No one recalls “All That” with the exception of Kel (of Keenan and Kel)… since there’s not at all like the superbness days. Ain’t that privilege, Kel? Definitely… Amanda… You are at present known for being an insane smashed perhaps schizophrenic drugn client and your characteristic capacity to not have the capacity to drive anything with wheels. Truly however, hush up about talking… .on the grounds that TMZ cares.

4. Lindsay Lohan –


Can anybody name something you’ve been in other than Parent Trap, Mean Girls, or Liz and Dick that doesn’t start with a “J” and end with an “Afflict”? You’re the main other individual on the planet with a more terrible driving record than Amanda Bynes. Your screw ups are famous to the point that the main individual that has made a greater number of expectations than TMZ about your death is Nostradamus.

3. Chris Brown –


Apparently you are a “musical performer”, dance expert or something. Outside of a douche, I can’t be too certain why you’re popular. I’ve never heard your music nor do I want to see you move. Evidently you were popular for this? I don’t have a clue. I just know who you are on account of you beat the poo out of Rihanna…and did not go to jail. At that point by one means or another the media chose it would be decent to record the greater part of your open hissy fits because…Hey…you’re well known for whipping a lady.

Hitting a lady is majorly effed up.. however some way or another Riahanna has chosen to get back with you maybe searching for number 2 in Domestic Abuse Hat Trick? I don’t get it. In any case, Chris Brown… .you’re a greater tool stash than Home Depot.

2. Kanye West –


I don’t have words to say. You’re the stand out of these goons that ever had any genuine ability. Lamentably… you’re an excessively confident, excessively special butt nugget. Your star has ascended for saying more stupid poop than Sarah Palin. You once said – “I feel like I am busy writing history to read it” If you would have invested more energy perusing history you may of understood your “Wife-To-Be” has experienced more imbecilic fellows than the NFL, MLB and NBA Combined, its never a smart thought to single out a high school young lady openly, and irate minor individuals are only-remembered in history as Leprechauns and Assholes #NapoleonLostAtWaterloo, you modest self-consumed bonehead.
1. Kim Kardashian –


The thing that separates you from these different GENIUSES is that you know precisely what you’re doing. You’re not having open drug gorges. I don’t even know how to ridicule you… .in light of the fact that the joke is on us. You made an awful porn tape that MADE YOU POPULAR. You have a HORRIBLE fake-unscripted television demonstrate that FURTHERED YOUR FAME. You wedded a 7 foot big man with the mental limit of a grape on TV so hopefully you could separate him after 72 days and MADE MILLIONS OFF OF IT. At that point you persuaded Kanye West, a man who composed a melody about GOLD DIGGERS, that you’re infatuated with him. Kim… you win. The majority of your screw-ups have truly been the best business choices of your life. I can’t choose in case you’re a splendid genius or the individual voted “Most likely to forget to breathe”.