5 Bizarre Phobias That You Did Not Know Existed

Phobias are one of the most bizarre yet equally common occurrences faced by the human race. Phobias basically refer to a fear of something particular. While there are many widely experiences such cases all over the world, some of them shock one and all.

We all known about common fears like Claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces) and Arithmophobia (fear of mathematics). But, because of such a large population, it is but obvious that different and new cases of phobias may arise every day. Some of these are so crazy, unique and also scary, that one can just hope and pray that they never become a victim of it. You might be wondering – how can someone be scared of getting a phobia! Well, read on and see for yourself, some absurd phobias that you might not even know existed!

1. Phobophobia


Well, as the name quite evidently suggests, this is the fear of phobias! As ironic as it seems, it is characteristically present and experienced by people.

2. Aichmophobia


As weird as it sounds, this is indeed a very deadly phobia. It is the fear of pointed objects like pencils, needles, pins and all such things! Imagine the plight of anyone who suffers from this.

3. Gerontophobia


This is the fear involving old age in multiple aspects. From being scared of old people to being paranoid of turning old themselves, there are a range of effects suffered by people with this fear.

4. Turophobia


By far the worst kind of fear especially for a food lover, this is the phobia of cheese! Oh well, you can only pray to God that this never happens to you. Else get ready to live a life without Pizza, Cheese Pasta, Nachos with Cheese sauce or other such cheesy delights.

5. Somniphobia


Just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier, here comes the fear of falling asleep! Oh well, could there be a worse scenario than this? Who doesn’t love precious sleep! It is said that the people who suffer from this do not sleep as they associate the bed with an object signifying death.

Shocked? Well, I’d be surprised if you aren’t! These are just a few of the infinte such bizarre and mind boggling phobias. It would be a great way to pass time, by reading about as many as possible.

So, do you know anyone who might be facing such fears? Well, always remember that no matter how bad the phobia, the patient can lead a normal life if given the right atmosphere and surroundings! Anyways, next time you get afraid of something, make sure to overpower it before you develop a phobia yourself!