4 things women want in bed but are too afraid to ask

In the past few years, women have become quite open minded and in the process many have learnt which kinky activities get them off, but still asking for them is not something that most women can do. Lots of guys like for their female partners to give them a little more direction ,while there are women who have confessed to be shy about giving it. So how do men get women to vocal their moods and desires without pressuring them..?? So lets go through the basic “often wanted but not requested” sex time activities.

1. Oral sex more often

A women who really really loves oral sex might be too afraid to ask you to actually do it. Women feel their vaginas are too hairy, shaggy, etc and though they like oral sex they will not ask for it. Compliment her vagina and do it like you actually want to do it.


2. Rough sex

This is not something that women may want always. But some women do like an occasional change in the way it is usually done.


3. She wants to be dominated

A little light spanking is a good way to play the dominant and submissive roles in the bedroom. But asking for it might sometimes make a woman feel silly. She is not a 5yr old and she doesnt wanted to be treated that way but some women do like the tingling feeling of palm against flesh. Also the idea of having tied up sex, as titillating as it seems, may not actually be that good in actuality.


4. Dirty talks

Dirty talks turn on most women and helps to stimulate the fantasy playing on in their mind during sex. But a man has to find out what his woman wants to hear and put his imagination to good use.