20 Interesting Bloopers Of Bollywood Movies

20 Interesting Bloopers Of Bollywood Movies

While watching motion pictures we run over heaps of senseless and nonsensical bloopers that accidentally make us shout WTF! Bollywood motion pictures are loaded down with such shocking mix-ups that lead us to think possibly they think they are greatly savvy and will escape with anything or expect the gathering of people to be sufficiently doltish to not see their bloopers.

1. Ra One –

Ra1 -1

We saw poor SRK getting slaughtered b y that pitiful ahem amusement character and after that covered in Christian custom…


Be that as it may, voila! As wonderfully as the amusement character woke up, same way did SRK’s covered body swung to fiery remains for Kareena to do the last ceremonies according to Hindu system.

2. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani –


Ranbir Kapoor takes away the aggravation of a book as well while taking care of her gear, from Deepika…


Be that as it may, they don’t simply say Knowledge is Power in vain.. The transcendent book is back in the young lady’s hands the following moment.

3. Krrish –


In the motion picture Rohit Mehra is appeared to be away in Singapore for a decent 2 years time span and still one fine day his mom calls him to break the news of Preity Zinta being pregnant!! OMG! Perhaps that is Jadoo!!

4. OMG! –


OMG! They recollected to utilize the new name and logo of ABP News (than its more seasoned Star News) on the TV channel…


In any case, neglected to change it for good on the mic. Shi*!

5. Bhag Milkha Bhag –


They sing this melody Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon… Which is charming and rousing as hellfire however the thing is the tune was a part of a 1962 motion picture ‘Child of India’ while the motion picture grouping was set in the 1950s. Gee… Maybe patriotism just addressed him.

6. PK –

PK 1

Evidently Tapasvi Maharaj was right about how you shouldn’t trust Sarfaraz. He said he works at Pakistan international safe haven in Bruges however things being what they are there’s isn’t one… Though Brussels does.

7. PK –

PK 2

Besides who could tell Kalyan Express can get to be Durronto too only for Sanjay baba?

8. Chennai Express –

CE 1

SRK has a great deal of issue with fiery debris it appears. He is seen joyfully putting the urn containing his Grandpa’s asthiyaan (fiery debris) in his pack before leaving for Goa.

CE 2

In any case, in by one means or another his Granny gives him the same urn on the railroad stage while he’e going to clear out.

9. Kai Po Che –

Kai Po Che

It appears like they executive had a dream and he show the Gujrat mobs of 2002 on a channel Headlines Today which was yet to take birth a yea from that point in 2003. We need such visionaries, isn’t that right?

10. Pyaar Ka Punchnama –

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 1

The opening scene sees three companions touching base at a dhaba tripling on an motor bike…

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2

In any case, as the scene offers route to a tune, they are seen leaving in a jeep! Mmm… . changing bike! Can we have one as well?

11. 3 Idiots –

3 Idiots 1

Suhas is as of now at the venue, getting prepared and murmuring something drivel while trimming his nose hair.. (Eww)…

3 Idiots 2

However, something insane happened and he got himself kicked out of the venue and madly making passageway from the fundamental door! What a dolt… . Not him.. The direc… Nevermind.

12. Badlapur –

Badlapur 1

Vanishing riddle just gets more irregular. At the point when Raghu flings wine, there the awful stuff destroying the entire divider and the artwork on it…

Badlapur 2

Be that as it may, the following moment it’s spotlessly perfect! (Psst… mother is asking which cleaner did they utilize. Anybody?)

13. Kick –


The right front entryway of the SUV is totally harmed yet the following moment its all pounded and cleaned and as brand as new! Well done young men… Your carport’s location please?