12 Most Expensive Material On Planet Earth

Most Expensive Materials On The Planet Earth –

There are numerous materials obtainable on the planet that are very rare and truly costly, here we give you data of the most costly, material of the planet.

  1. Antimatter –


When we discuss most costly substance then antimatter is at the top. The tech concerned making little sums makes this material costly. A gram of this material is offered for $6.25 trillion.

  1. Californium –

Californium Periodic Table of Elements

Californium was found in year 1950 in California USA, it’s one among the rarest metals on the planet that outstandingly poisonous to most natural life. Californium metal is offered for $27 million every gram. It helps in identification of material like platinum and dampness gauges.

  1. Diamond –


Diamond isn’t a rare gemstone on the planet, however they’re the foremost costly crystal as a result of the excellence beauty and worth jewels possess. A number of diamond ages 3.2 billion years, the precious stones cost around $55,000 every gram.

  1. Tritium –


At the point when inestimable radiation, joined deuterium or nitrogen particles, produces hydrogen core with two extra neutrons and makes Tritium. This sparkling material expense $30,000 every gram that used to make extravagant watches.

  1. Taaffeite Stone –

big taaffeite 05

Taaffeite stone has been as of late recognized gemstone by its authorities; it is one of the uncommon gemstone and look alluring in light of its hues that ranges from red to purple. This fantastic gemstone is accessible for $20,000 every gram.


  1. Painite –


Painite is initially found in year 1950 in Burma (Myanmar), it is an uncommon mineral that highlights ruddy, pinkish or cocoa shade. Not very many examples are accessible of this Painite and it values $9,000 every gram.

  1. Plutonium –


Plutonium is one of the lavish material that utilized by Nuclear power plants. It is troublesome for this component starts to be through regular methods. Plutonium is gotten from uranium that costs $4,000 every gram.

  1. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide –


Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is also referred as corrosive or LSD, this lavish material was found in Switzerland in year 1938 by Albert Hoffman. LSD can make effective hallucinations that can bring about mental and physical issues. One gram of this substance costs $3,000 every gram.

  1. Cocaine –


A standout among the most lavish materials is cocaine that is offered for $215 for every gram. This material is gotten from leaf of coca from South America, it is profoundly addictive and extravagant fortified, and individuals have encountered negative symptoms.

  1. Heroin –


Afghanistan is wellspring of giving heroin, utilization of heroin is illicit in light of the fact that it is a standout among the most addictive and damaging drug on the planet. It has a very adverse impact on the body; it is costly as it expenses around $130 every gram.

  1. Rhino Horn –

hornRhino Horn is known as one medication that aides in curing a disease like cancer. The rhino horn is a valuable asset in numerous nations of Asia. It is lavish and cost around $110 every gram.

  1. Platinum –


Platinum is another costly material that has alluring silver-white in shading. Like gold and rhodium, jewellery of platinum is world popular and this metal is utilized as a part of dentistry, wiring, motors, compound responses, and electrodes. Platinum costs $60 every gram.