12 Haunting Facts About Titanic That You Never Knew

12 Haunting Facts About Titanic That You Never Knew

An exotic ship that went deep down in the Atlantic Ocean taking lives of many is much remembered as

one of the most disastrous event. Hit by an iceberg in 1912, this luxurious cruise ended with a sad note.

1. A Japanese survivor escaped the ship and went back to Japan; where he was disgraced.


2. As depicted in the film “Titanic”, the band actually played music for hours to calm the people.


3. The accident could have been avoided on noticing iceberg just 30 seconds before it’s actually identified.


4. A chocolate manufacturing business tycoon named Milton Hershey had tickets to travel on Titanic; but changed mind at the last moment.


5. One of the four smoke stacks never worked as it was just for decoration.


6. A stunning fact about Titanic was that its lifeboats were not having survivors as per boat’s capacity.


7. In the history, just Titanic got sunk on being hit by an iceberg.


8. A lifeboat drill was planned before the ship merged in ocean, which was later cancelled.


9. The iceberg responsible for Titanic’s end has been floating since 1000 B.C.


10. James Cameron had a much higher budget for his movie Titanic in compare to the cost spent on building the actual ship.


11. One of the survivors was a chef, who drank liquor just before the ship went down and this kept his body temperature up in the cold water.


12. Another ship by the name of “Californian” was quite near to “Titanic”. But, the signals went sent late to the ship and it could not save people.