10 WTF Products Which Shouldn’t Exist

Individuals love innovation and development of new and astonishing things. Be that as it may, this is our list of a few items which shouldn’t really exist.

1. Internet Explorer Cologne –


We all know IE Or Internet Explorer is the best web program on the planet, isn’t that so? Presently you can purchase Internet Explorer cologne, how cool is that ?

2. Toilet Tunes –


This item is not accessible in stores, which is really something to be thankful for.

3. Walking Arm Rest –


You don’t care for moving your arms while strolling on boulevards?? Well don’t stress now, we have Walking arm rest to give solace to your arms while you stroll like a jokester on avenues, however it doesn’t make a difference right? I mean who thinks about their strolling style?

4. Diet Water –


Diet Water is vastly improved than general “greasy” water.

5. Gold Poop Pills –


Presently move you crap toward sparkly gold shading, following its everybody’s dream to poo out gold would it say it isn’t?

6. Toilet-time Golf Game –


Hurrah!! You are exhausted by perusing online networking locales or watching features in latrine right? ? Well stress not, purchase this great Toilet-time Gold Game for your satisfaction. How cool is that?

7. How To Avoid Huge Ships –


You can read this book and figure out how to stay away from “tremendous ships”.

8. Mechanized Ice Cream Cone –


Guess what? I am burnt out on all the diligent work turning a frozen treat gradually while eating my dessert.

9. Shape Shifter Punisher –


This one needn’t bother with a clarification.

10. Algaculture Suit –


You don’t have to eat sustenance subsequent to wearing this suit, essentially you’ll have the capacity to eat daylight comparably to how plants use the vitality of sun.

All in all, what you all consider these magnificent items? Let us know in remark segment beneath