10 strange things you didn’t know were happening around the world

The world is full of strange things happening all around, which one cannot even think in their wildest

fantasy. Some of them are under mentioned:

1. Red Crab Migration

Ever seen countless red crabs walking the road? Christmas Island in Australia witnesses these


crabs migrating from forests to ocean for laying eggs in the month of October and November.

2. Lake Retba2

A strange thing about this lake in Senegal is that it turns red because of algae’s absorption of the falling light.

3. Happy Valley Tree3

The growth of this tree is seen in the same pattern as that of the bricks laid underneath in the Happy Valley Horse Racing Arena.

4. Moeraki Boulders4

As an outcome of wave erosion, these boulders generally are present in clusters at New Zealand.

5. Spotted Lake5

Certainly, the evaporation of water and mineral deposits has led to the result of spots appearing

6. Rainbow Eucalyptus


Present in its natural form at northern hemisphere, rainbow eucalyptus is able to grow 6 ft to 200 ft wide.

7. Waitomo Glow Worm Caves


Beautifully located in New Zealand, the glow worms (Arachnocampa Luminosa) welcome the tourists willing to take a boat tour of these scenic caves.

8. Glowing Waves


As a result of the phytoplankton washed away till the shore, the waves at San Diego shine like stars in the dark.

9. Lake Natron


With high amount of PH level in the Great Salt Lake at Tanzania, the eyes and skin of non-native animals get burnt.

10. Door to Hell


These Natural gas deposits at Derweze of Turkmenistan were lit by the petroleum engineers of Soviet Union in 1971 and have been looking like a big hole of molten fire with the smell of Sulphur all around.