10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Nature

10 Reasons to love nature –

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Nature is the most beautiful thing that has happened on Mother Earth. Laced with the power of healing mind, body and soul, it is meant to attract people towards its raw attitude that looks magnificent. From rivers to seas, oceans on one side and lush green mountains to rugged terrains on other side, and even mountains, nature has spread its wings in every corner. With the soothing effect on eyes, there are numerous reasons that make a person fall in love with nature.

  • Getting peace of mind by looking at lush green valleys, which also helps in distressing.
  • By just spending 20 to 25 minutes in vegetation rich natural surroundings, one can improve vitality.
  • Providing health benefits, walking on the grass in wee hours of morning improvises eye sight
  • Spending time with plants can boost immunity because they emit phytoncides that is excellent for humans too.
  • Scientifically, sunlight has vitamin D and other forms of nature saves the person from various diseases.
  • Nature does have a healing power that enables a person to feel happy and elated; even, if he is sad.
  • With nature one can get relaxed to stay prevented from diseases like heart attacks, high blood pressure, respiratory disorders and can even achieve mental peace.
  • As a perfect spiritual practice, meditating amidst natural surrounding can boost inner strength and gives soulful peace.
  • Nature is the best place to look for creative ideas, which enables a painter or a writer to craft excellent masterpieces.
  • Also, enjoying a communion with the nature boosts memory and cognitive functioning process of the brain.


With so much goodness prevailing in the nature, it is natural for a person to fall in love with it. The moment one sees beautiful scenery, a smile of aesthetic bliss passes and reaches the mind to make it feel calmed.