10 Pictures That All College Friends Will Relate To

Everyone goes through a completely different life during their college years. Such a life cannot be repeated or relived any which way. While many of us are unable to live the ‘college life’ because of various reasons, there is a typical protocol that everyone, especially all the college goers living in a hostel will relate to. With no home or family to keep a check on your routine, it truly exposes you to ultimate freedom and in the end determines what type of a person you become.

While there may be tons of colleges all over India, some things are common to all of them. There are always a fixed set of people that we come to know and call as ‘friends’. These friends can be classified into various funny yet true categories. On that note, here are 11 pictures that sum up the different kind of ‘dosts’ that you will make in your college years. I don’t think that they require any explanation at all and are pretty self explanatory!

1.The Smoker


2.The Photographer


3. The Cycle Renter


4. The Gossip Monger


5. The GPL Lover


6. The Proxifier


7. The Snipe Loving Gamer


8. The One Addicted to Television Shows


9. The Money Lender


10. The Teacher’s Favourite


So, there you have it guys! I am pretty sure that all of you will relate to at least a majority of these pictures. Share it with your friends and let them know what type of a friend they are to you. Do remember that such moments are to be cherished forever. So, live in the moment and enjoy to your fullest! Cheers to college life!