10 Interesting Facts About Best Hockey Player Dhyan Chand!!

10 Facts About Major Dhyan Chand –

Major Dhyan Chand is unarguably the best Hockey Player that the world has ever seen. He had the best ball control and could score objectives freely against the hardest of teams. Under his leadership, the Indian Hockey group won various Olympic gold medals incorporating three back to back awards in 1928, 1932 and 1936.

Regardless of such ability, our present era knows nothing about this Hockey wizard so here we convey to you best truths about the man. Have a perused and You will Enjoy without a doubt –

1. Don Bradman (the best Cricket Batsman ever) was his enormous fan


He once said that Major Dhyan Chand scores objectives in Hockey as though he is scoring runs in Cricket!!

2. His First Coach anticipated that he will sparkle like moon


Pankaj Gupta was so inspired by his ball control that he said that he would sparkle like Moon in his prime and he was not off-base about it. What’s more, this is the manner by which he got his surname Dhyan “Chand”.

3. National Sports day was proclaimed on his Birthday


29th August which is praised in India a “National Sports Day” falls on Major Dhyan Chand’s Birth Anniversary.

4. Hitler was likewise a Fan


He was offered German Citizenship alongside a higher Army Post by the tyrant however Dhyan Chand chose to graciously decay the offer.

5. Scored Over 400 Goals in his Career


Major Dhyan Chand scored more than 400 Goals in his renowned profession spreading over more than two decades.

6. He worked for the Indian Army


Resigned as a Major in 1951 from Indian Army

7. India’s Highest Sporting Honor is named after him


The Lifetime Achievement Award in Indian Sports is named as “Major Dhyan Chand Award”.

8. He Received Padma Bhushan


The Indian Government chose to respect him with “Padma Bhushan” for his commitment in the Field of Hockey. He was granted only one year into his retirement.

9. He has a status in Vienna


Austrian Government chose to erect a statue of the Hockey Wizard to remember his excellent Hockey Skills including his Supreme control over the Hockey Ball.

10. His Stick was checked for Magnet


He had such fabulous control over Hockey Ball tat Netherlands authorities chose to check his stick in the event that it contains a magnet.

Trust you enjoyed the actualities furthermore became acquainted with additional about the legend. Keep in mind to impart it to your companions