10 Most Haunting Places of India

Hair raising moments and scary places are two such things that won’t let a person sleep. Indeed, such places are absolutely isolated and are considered to be the home of evil.

1. Fort of Bhangarh


Situated in Rajasthan, this fort is cursed by an Evil Deed Practitioner that whosoever lives there will be dead. This happened because he was in love with the Princess Ratnawati of Bhangarh and could not get her even after black magic

2. Raj Kiran Hotel of Mumbai


Located in Lonavala, it is said that one room is occupied by evil spirits. Indeed, few people have complained of hearing fearful voices around them on staying in that hotel.

3. De Souza Chaul in Mumbai3

Positioned in Mahim district, it is said the one of the lady got drowned in a well situated within this chaul premises and her spirit is seen roaming around that place only.

4. Dau Hills of West Bengal4

With so many murders took place in the dense forest here, people have noticed the presence of spirits around the forest and even in Victoria Boys School at the time of vacations.

5. Damas Beach of Gujarat


Considered as the place to burn Hindu dead bodies, people have heard scary voices around them and felt the presence of spirits of the dead.

6. Sawai Hotel of Mussoorie


It is said that a girl named Lady Arme was murdered at this place and her spirit is still roaming within the hotel premises to find her murderer.

7. Shani Warkhada Fort of Pune


The Peshwa’s successor kid named Narayan was killed by her aunt. In order to save him, he kept running in the palace; but, no one turned. People say that the voice of the child is still heard within the fort premises.

8. Brij Raj Bhavan in Kota


British officer major Burten was killed in this palace and his spirit still roams around in the fort to trouble its watchmen.

9. GP Block of Meerut


It is said that one house in this area is extremely haunted and considered as the home of evil spirits.

10. Ramoji Filmcity in Hyderabad


Constructed at a place where the soldiers of Hyderabad’s Nizam fought their opponents and many of them got killed. Their spirits roam around in the night and troubles technicians at times.