10 Gadgets That Were Super Cool Back Then

Trends comes and goes but leaves there memories here is a list of gadgets that you might have used and enjoyed back that time.

1. N-gage – The most famous gaming console phone

The Nokia N-Gage was among the first phones to provide with high quality gaming with next level graphics. Come on, who does not like to play a tiny high definition Tomb Raider Game while arguing with their girlfriend… or vice verse.

N -Gage

2. Sony Walkman – Coolest gadget to carry music in.

This Portable device changed the way of listening music while at a walk. It became regular accompaniment to pretty much everyone who loved music. This device helped us to move from cassettes to CD’s for listening music and thus is the best OLD SCHOOL Music Player.

Sony Walkman

3. Panasonic G51 – The Smaller Phone.

It was very difficult to dial a number on this phone due to the size of the keypad, but that’s because it was no bigger than a pebble. It fit everywhere in your pocket and then also left’s space in your.


 Panasonic G51

4. Colorful Apple Macintosh – The coolest looking computer.

These old macintoshes from the days before the Apple rage had low usefulness but made up for it with transparent fruit based body colours and see-through interiors.



5. Sega gaming consoles – Punch and shoot for victory.

These were sold very cheap at virtually every corner store. The cartridges for these would advertise themselves with like a thousands of games which ended up being basically Mario and Street Fighter.


6. Tekken 3 arcade parlours – Fighting! Fighting! and Fighting!

You and your companions could thrash one another almost to death, on screen obviously. Revolutionary game-play and an environment that impeccably suited it. I think gaming arcades will wait in our memories for a long time.


Tekken 3 Arcade Parlour

7. Nokia 3510 – The first colour phone

This was the first color screen phone which launched in around 2001 and gave its user a whole new experience with respect to phones. Bright and shiny display with funky icons for the win!


Nokia 3510

8. Digital organisers – The communicator

These devices faded out with the rise in era of smartphones. They served as your digital pocket diary and reminder, calendar, address book and all other basic features you find on phones these days.


Digital organisers - The original communicator

9.First Iphone – The first one that started it all

This phone might look inconvenient and stocky, strange to the touch and scarcely usable, but it is still the phone that started the craze of Iphone. Even the phone with most demand in the world today had to start somewhere, and it’s good to take pride in one’s origins.


Apple iPhone

10. Nokia N97 – The sliding keypad phone.

Tonnes of features made this one of the coolest phones around. A full smooth to slide out keyboard and a big screen. 

Nokia n97