10 Bizarre And Scary Plants

Top 10 Bizarre and Scary Plants –

Here is the list of some of the Bizarre and very genuine plants that will scare you. Some of these are insectivorous plants and to see some of these will make your hat fall, DAMN! They are soo BIG. Let’s have a look at the list –



  1. Welwitschia Mirabilis – Namibia


Welwitschia Mirabilis is a delicate plant that can experience 1500 years and can survive best in sodden situations. This plant has just 2 leaves and it is consistently develop from root to stem. This plant is found in the Namibia Desert including piece of Namibia and Angola.

  1. Victoria Amazonica – Amazon River bowl


“Victoria amazonica” is one of the known plants as a result of its tremendous roundabout leaves. To exhibit the size and structure of this plant, the greater part of the photo is brought with the kid sitting in the inside. This plant is exceptionally prized and to develop this plant you have to satisfy specific prerequisites.

  1. Hydnora Africana – California


“Hydnora Africana” is a plant which was broken up and transplanted to Californian in year 1973. It is a standout amongst the most unusual looking plants on the earth. This plant is parasitic plant as it has developed totally in on the foundation of shrubby plants; this plant is found in the parched desert districts of southern Africa.

  1. Nepenthes – Australia


The “Nepenthes” plants live in high mugginess areas with normal precipitation, yet oblige a considerable measure of daylight. This plant generally found in Australia, Malay Archipelago and Australia. The plant is peculiar the same number of individuals have seen monkeys drinking water from this plant and called it monkey glass plant too.

  1. Dracunculus Vulgaris – California


“Dracunculus Vulgaris” has numerous names like Dragonwort or Stink Lily, Tennessee, California Oregon, and Puerto Rico. It is emotional plant and when bloom of this plant is prepared for pollination, don’t stand excessively close. The name is gotten from the Latin word in which Dracunculus implies little monster and vulgaris implies Commonplace.

  1. Rafflesia Arnoldii – Indonesia


“Rafflesia arnoldii” is a plant that originates from the variety “Rafflesia gang”. This plant is acclaimed in light of the fact that it is just plant that deliver biggest bloom on the earth. This gasp earned one unusual name that is “carcass blossom” due to its extremely solid and loathsome smell like a rotting tissue.

  1. Amorphophallus Titanum


“Amorphophallus titanum”, is otherwise called the “titan arum”. It is a bloom plant and one of the greatest plants on the earth. This plant has a gigantic blooming structure that goes three meters over the ground. It is popular and get features due to its unusual blooming.

  1. Dionaea Muscipula – South Carolina


“Dionaea muscipula” is otherwise called “Venus flytrap” in light of the fact that it pulls in creepy crawlies and insects. This plant is found in the waterfront plain of southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina. The plant will become just where bunches of daylight is accessible. It can be an extraordinary open air enlivening plant for home.

  1. Wolffia Angusta – Asia


The “Wolffia Angusta” is world’s littlest plant and normally known as Watermeal or Duckweed. To recognize the careful types of this plant, you must view it under magnifying instrument. To fill a thimble, very nearly 5000 of these small blossoms require.

  1. Lithops Julii – Southern Africa


Lithops Julii is delectable stem less plant, the plant is found in whitish dim to dim dark shading and cone molded leaves make it look changed and odd.