10 best things giving you relief from fast and artificial life

Life has become so fast. All of us are running on the track which gives us no satisfaction at times. We’re often wondering why are we doing all this. We realize that this isn’t the happiness that we’re looking for. If all this applies to you,then here are x really simple things which will give you eternal happiness and you’d choose these things over complex and artificial life.
1. Seeing a baby animal taking birth can refresh us to much extend. Because life is most amazing in the childhood. And seeing a creation of nature leaves us zipped. Seeing a chick hatching egg, seeing a chryssalis turn into butterfly can give us amazing feeling.

2. Sleeping in a lawn and stargazing can be one of the best things one could ever do. With the feel of grass beneath you and sweet smell of wet soil, watching the stars seems like a night in heaven.

3. Getting drenched in the first rains of June can bring us back old childhood memories of monsoon. Now,though we won’t play with paper boats, monsoon still can be that enjoyable especially with someone special.

4. Seeing the world from the high hill side gives a beatiful view. Someday, pack your bag and go trekking. Nature is the best creator, afterall.

5. Growing a tree of your own is such a joy. Doing everything from sowing seed to watering it regularly and taking care of it gives us relaxing change from all the technical life.

6. Football in the rain can anytime cheer us up. Grab your shorts, tie the laces and go out.

7. Playing music on an instrument can relax us like anything. It releases our stress and gives us relief from all the tensions.

8. Watching reflection of stars and moon in the sea is an amazing view. A night is made with the sound of waves and wind and with sight of full sky in the sea.

9. A holiday somewhere far from reality with loved ones gives us much needed change in life and encouragement to get back to it.


10. A trip to orphange or old age home can make us feel helpful towards them and can keep the gratitude alive towards what we have compared to those people.


So are you ready to get some life?