10 Benefits of Yogurt (Curd)

Yogurt is used as a food in almost all places of the world. In North India people eat it with bread (chapatti), while curd and rice is the famous dish of people in South India. Also, it has a special significance in worship. In India eating Curd with sugar before going to exam or an interview is considered auspicious. In these dairy products there are many benefits associated with health. Here are some benefits…


Benefits Of Curd –

1. Controls Digestion –

Nutrients in yogurt can improve digestion. Not only that, it is also helpful for digestions of other substances. According to a study by Taiwanese yogurt prevents the H Pylori infections in stomach, which is quite a common problem.

2 It is good for heart –

Heart disease is usually seen in older-aged people. It is likely to be substantially reduced by eating yogurt. It controls high blood pressure and also helps in lowering cholesterol levels, which could make working of arteries better.

3. Increases immunity power –

Such bacteria are present in yogurt, which increase body’s immunity power to keep them away from many types of diseases and infections. Having it also prevents virginal yeast infection. It is used to add flavour in the vegetable curry. Eating yogurt daily is highly beneficial for health.

4. completes the deficiency of lactose –

Due to the amount of lactose lot of people do not like the taste of milk, they should eat yogurt, as the lactose is converted into lactic acid. It is helpful to digest food. Having yogurt in your daily meals also fulfilled the amount of nutrition which you usually gets from milk.

5. beneficial for skin –

Many Nutrients like zinc, vitamin E and phosphorous makes yogurt a natural skin care products. That is why yogurt is used in hair products and face masks. Mix some gram flour, curd and lemon juice and apply it on the face daily to get beautiful, shiny and fabulous skin.

6. Strengthen teeth and bones –

Almost all dairy products helps in strengthening bones, it is rich in phosphorus and calcium which makes bones as well as teeth’s strong. Pregnant women require the highest calcium intake thus a larger volume of milk-curd should be consumed by them. In addition to the problem of aging as well as osteoporosis and arthritis also can be substantially reduced by eating yogurt.

7. Helps in preventing acne –

Yogurt can be used in treating acne. Face pack of curd also helps in removing wrinkles. It helps in various varieties of skin changes due to ageing. Many such problems can be reduced by eating curd or by simply applying it on the face.

8. Get rid of dandruff –

In ads many solutions are advertised to remove dandruff, But those products uses chemicals which in place of repairing your hair makes them dry and damaged. Very few people are aware of the fact that they can get rid of dandruff easily with curd. The anti-fungal elements in lactic acid, which are the most beneficial. Apply yogurt on your head and leave it to dry for a few hours then wash with clean water. Difference can be seen in a few days.

9. Works as a conditioner –

According to a research presence of lactic acid in yogurt helps with white hair and hair fall problem and provides relief. It also contains vitamins which are better for hair conditioning.

10. Effective in reducing obesity –

While making diet chart do not forget to add curd in it. The presence of calcium in the body produces the amount of Kortisol, and imbalance of kortisol can lead you with many disease, such as obesity and cholesterol problems.